Height: 5'3"
Weight: 104 lbs
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown

Actress, Voice-Over Artist, Singer

L.A. Voices--Solid & Unique, Quirky, Textured, Wry, Extensive Premium Animation/Cartoon Characters, Storyteller, Playful, Sexy, Style, Mom, Good Sister, Evil Sister

C A T A G O R I E S:
L.A. Promos Women
L.A. Women Character

Susan Silo is a highly esteemed and accredited cartoon Voice-Over Actress. She can deliver, sustain and retrieve multiple voices within the same production, rather than just one role in a cartoon series. This stand-out versatility has made her one of the top performers in the field.

Susan began her voice-over career speaking for a talking cow in a series of Land 0' Lakes Margarine commercials, continuing over a period of ten years. She began her work in cartoon series at Hanna Barbara and has gone on to voice-over for Marvel, Ruby Spears, DIC, Disney, Film Roman, Murakami Wolf Swenson and others.

Her cartoon series include The Smurfs, Captain Planet, Darkwing Duck, Pound Puppies, New Kids on the Block, Tailspin, Wizard of Oz, Pac Man, Hey It's The King, Kidd Video, Glo Friends, My Little Pony, Robotix, The Inhumanoids, Foofer, Defenders of the Universe, Mr. T, Ghostbusters, James Bond, Jr., Pro-Stars, Space Cats, The Toxic Crusaders, Where's Waldo, An American Tale, Dennis the Menace, The Pink Panther, Back to the Future, Bonkers, Addam’s Family, Biker Mice From Mars, Dr. Seus' Daisy Head Maizie, Secret Squirrel, Captain Planet, Prince Valiant, Carmen Sandiego, Zigfried & Roy and Felix The Cat and many more. Renowned writer Mark Evanier was a huge fan of Susan in Harry's Girls and when he finally met her, he hired her to voice episodes of Garfield and Friends.

In addition to her many animation TV series, Susan has created several voice characters for Feature Films, including the new Mel Gibson movie Signs, Disney’s animated feature film Lilo and Stitch, three toy animals in the closet with a tiny Lily Tomlin in The Incredible Shrinking Woman, assorted robots in the Disney Film Tron, a little girl in Claude Le Louche’s Another Man Another Woman, assorted children in Howie Mandell's Little Monsters, a demon in Exorcist Part II, and many others.

Susan also brings her singing experience to her cartoon work. Many of her regular characters must sing, retaining the sounds, personalities and distinctive voice patterns heard in their spoken dialogue; quite a challenge, but that is why casting directors consider her so special.

Her Voice-Over Commercial credits encompass everything from breakfast foods to dog foods, including Green Giant Frozen Foods, Bayer Herbiside, Miracle Grow, Kellogg's Special K, Conroy's Flowers, JC Penney; Smart and Final, Bell Telephone, Banner Toiletpaper, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Lucky Markets, Texaco, General Motors, Diamond Walnuts, Wendy's, Bud Lite Beer, Dos Equis Beer; 7-Up, Diet Pepsi, Hormel Chili, Hunt's Snack Pack, Ore Ida Potatoes, Gravy Train and Promotionals for both CBS and NBC.

Susan has also recorded many starring characters on CD-Rom’s including Gabriel Knight, Emperor: Battle For Dune, Earth and Beyond, RTX Red Rock, Giants: Citizen Kabuto and others.

She is a native New Yorker and her parents were actors, so she was "born in a trunk." She started her career at the age of four on radio, television, and in theatres on and off Broadway. She is a graduate of New York's High School of Performing Arts, was a teenage rock-and-roll recording star, and performed a featured role in the original West Side Story on Broadway.

Susan moved to California and continued her career as a Television Actress, guesting on LA Law, Unsolved Mysteries, Highway To Heaven, The Love Boat, Bonanza, Batman (Riddlers girlfriend "Mousey"), Gunsmoke, The Young & the Restless and others. She starred as a regular in the TV series Harry’s Girls and Occasional Wife and has been featured in the films Kiss Toledo Goodbye, Baggage, Convicts 4, McHale’s Navy Joins The Air Force, Love in a Goldfish Bowl, etc.

Susan Silo also volunteers her time with several charitable organizations including "Spotlight the Arts Foundation" whose goal is to establish a theater and program for the visual and performing arts for the West Valley in Calabasas, California. Please CLICK HERE if you wish to help support this extremely worthy cause.

Susan Silo is as adept at sharing her experience and expertise with others as she is at creating voice characters. She appears as a guest director in numerous other workshops along the West Coast. In addition, she continues to teach her own animation and commercial voice-over workshops, lectures across the country, offers introductory seminars and private lessons. Susan feels compelled to teach and takes great pride in the students who have furthered their careers under her guidance. Susan participated in The Donna Reed Festival as a celebrity presenter, taught seminars in VO Animation for kids from all over the USA and judged the acting competition on the night of the Gala. Susan also made a promotional appearance at a Beauty Industry Tradeshow in Miami, Florida to launch a new product for CLiC International (Certified Learning in Cosmotology). During an entertaining presentation before a live audience, she interacted onstage with a funny cartoon character named Clicer to explain the program. She thrives on a busy schedule, enjoying the balance of career and teaching commitments, because, as Susan would say, "The work, that's what it's all about."